EYC Organisation Structure
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Elimu Yetu Coalition is organised in four levels as follows:

1. General Assembly (GA)

Meets once every year (with provision for Special meetings) and brings together all EYC members to make policy and programme decisions. The Assembly is the overall decision making organ of EYC.

2. Board of Trustees

This is the legal custodian of EYC; from where the Coalition draws its mandate. The Board works very close with Ex-COM to offer advisory support where needed.

3. Executive Committee (Ex-Com)

Has supervisory and executive authority over all the affairs and activities of the coalition and meets once every month.

4. Secretariat

Headed by the National Campaign Co-ordinator who coordinates all the activities of EYC and is in charge of the day to day running of the coalition. Secretariat: Co-ordinates all activities EYC including those of Ex-Com, outposts and thematic networks. EYC ORGANOGRAM

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